Student Tips for Reaching Out to Prospective SOC480Y5 Internship Hosts

  1. Thoroughly review Tips on Finding & Securing Your Own Placement, especially pages 7-11.
  2. Utilize Career Centre resources for assistance.
  3. Read Avoid Sounding Silly in Emails.
  4. For email communication where you pitching an internship to a possible host:
  1. Use your U of T email account;
  2. Complete the “To” field last;
  3. Include a brief personal statement/biography (e.g. year of study, interests that relate to the organization, relevant past experience, etc.); 
  4. Provide key details about the course (i.e. senior-level course that requires 200 hours of unpaid work relevant to the class, typically one day per week September to April);
  5. Summarize how you could potentially contribute to the organization;
  6. Outline what is expected of the host organization for the SOC480Y5Y internship course (some supervision, completion of workplace-education agreement (outlining our relationship) and employer letter (for insurance purposes), and an assessment of the student’s job performance;
  7. Attach a resume (that is already updated to reflect feedback from the Career Centre) and encourage the host to read it for additional information;
  8. If the organization is one in a hospital or one that involves working with vulnerable populations, mention that a police check/TB test can be completed might be a good idea, but otherwise unnecessary;
  9. Ensure the email message is concise (no longer than 2-3 paragraphs);
  10. Perform spelling and grammar check;
  11. Send the email message to yourself;
  12. Review the email message and only send it to the host if it has a professional tone and presents you in the best light possible.