SOC450H5S Walls to Bridges: Carceral Seminar

2018-19 Application & Instructions

The Walls to Bridges seminar course matches a group of UTM students ("outside" students) with an approximately equal number of incarcerated students ("inside" students) who study together as peers at an off-campus setting. Topics vary from term to term, but revolve around questions of punishment, prisons, and governance. All class sessions are held inside the institution (e.g., penitentiary, detention centre, halfway house, etc.). Inside and outside students work together on small teams to develop and present a final project. Preference given to eligible CLS Specialists and Majors.

Course Prerequisites: SOC205H5/SOC231H5, SOC209H5, SOC221H5, SOC222H5, completed at least 13.0 credits, permission of the instructor


  • This course is held offsite and tentatively scheduled for the winter term on Thursdays 11am-6pm to allow sufficient time for travel, institution check-in and -out in addition to the seminar time (the day/time is subject to change until the timetable is published).
  • Once students are accepted into this course they must pass a criminal record check (CPIC). If you have concerns about this process, those concerns can be discussed confidentially with Prof. Goodman in the interview, if you wish.

Apply by 31 March 2018 using the form below:

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