SOC439H5Y Research Project in Sociology

2018-19 Application & Instructions

SOC439H5Y is a seminar course where students engage in an independent research project supervised by a faculty member in Sociology. Students develop a research proposal, conduct independent research, analyze data and present findings. Admission by academic merit and preference given to eligible Sociology Specialists and Majors.

Click to how students pursued their own research interests in past projects.

Course Prerequisites: SOC205H5/SOC231H5, SOC221H5, SOC222H5, completed at least 13 credits, permission of the instructor


  • This half credit (0.5) course is offered over the full academic year. Classes are held bi-weekly and scheduled for Tuesdays 3pm-5pm. 
  • Students cannot take SOC439H5Y and SOC440H5Y in the same academic year.

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