Securing Departmental Approval for Your Proposed SOC480Y5 Internship

  1. Plan to obtain your internship no later than June 15; if you anticipate you may not meet this deadline, email to schedule a meeting with Ania Joly sooner rather than later.
  2. You can seek internship opportunities at municipal social service departments or non-profit agencies providing social services, social movement or community-based organizations working for social change, courts or parole offices, for-profit workplaces, or other organizations.
  3. Once an employer has agreed to provide an internship, you need to obtain a brief project or experience description (half-page on official letterhead, with supervisor name, telephone number and email address), including:
    1. A brief narrative description of the position or project;
    2. A list of the skills required for the job (both academic skills and practical skills, such as writing or computational skills); and
    3. Any other project requirements or details (e.g., special training, or availability for field work, special events etc.).
  4. Draft a statement (at least 1 paragraph) articulating how you will apply:
    1. what you have learned in your CLS/SOC program to the internship; and
    2. what you learn in your internship to your CLS/SOC program.
  5. By June 15, email the documents referenced in points 3 and 4 above to in order to apply for departmental approval for your proposed internship.

Important Notes

  1. Interested students should start preparing for their internship well before enrolling in the course (i.e., January is not too early).
  2. By June 15, students registered in SOC480Y5Y are responsible for:
    1. obtaining an internship and confirming those arrangements with the host; and
    2. applying for department approval of their proposed internship position.
  3. International students should review the information at, and visit the International Education Centre as soon as possible to ensure you have the appropriate legal documentation required to work in Canada in place before the start of the course/internship in September.