Missed Tests/Quizzes or Late Assignments

Students who miss a term test or submit an assignment after the deadline will be assigned a mark of zero for the test or will lose a percentage of the assignment mark for each late day. 

However, students may request special consideration from the department (not the instructor)*  for missed tests/quizzes or late assignments late due to reasons beyond the student’s control, including:     

  • Illness or injury
  • Disability
  • Religious observances (i.e., holy days)
  • Other unplanned circumstances entirely beyond the student’s control (e.g., a court subpoena, a funeral, a car accident). 

Reasons such as holidays, pre-purchased plane tickets, family plans (unless critical, such as death of an immediate family member), attending a wedding, lack of preparation, technology failure, or too many commitments are not considered to be beyond a student’s control and will not be accommodated. 

*Please note:

Missed Test Special Consideration Process

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Extension of Time Special Consideration Process 

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