Preparing for Your SOC480Y5 Internship

Starting preparing yourself for your internship search in the January-April term before the internship course begins the following September.  Here are some campus resources to help get you started:

  1. Employer & Student Internship Guide
  2. Careers by Major
  3. Career Readiness
  4. Career Exploration
  5. Career Counselling
  6. Resume & Cover Letter
    1. Attend a Resume & Cover Letter Workshop
    2. Book a Resume & Cover Letter Critique Online
  7. Tips on Finding & Securing Your Own Placement
  8. Work Search Strategies
  9. Participate in Career Centre Event and Workshops
    1. Attend Finding Internships & Summer Jobs Workshop

Important Notes

  1. Interested students should start preparing for their internship well before enrolling in the course (i.e., January is not too early).
  2. By June 30, students registered in SOC480Y5Y are responsible for:
    1. obtaining an internship and confirming those arrangements with the host; and
    2. applying for department approval of their proposed internship position.
  3. International students should review the information at, and visit the International Education Centre as soon as possible to ensure you have the appropriate legal documentation required to work in Canada in place before the start of the course/internship in September.