Sarah Shah

Sarah Shah

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream (Term Appointment)

Sarah Shah (they/them) received a doctoral degree in 2019 from The University of Toronto in Sociology. Their research includes analyses of religion as it pertains to gender and family organization, mental health outcomes, and group identity. As an educator, Shah prioritizes active learning and strives to maintain an interactive classroom with meaningful engagement. Their aim is to present social theories and empirical material to students in ways that allow them to integrate reflexive analyses of their own lived experiences. Shah has taught several courses on family, gender, and race.

Ph.D. (Sociology, University of Toronto)
M.S. (Sociology, University of Texas, San Antonio)
B.A. (Human Relations, St. Joseph’s College, New York)


Shah, Sarah. Forthcoming. “Beyond Immigrant Generation: Religious Approach, Perceptions of Discrimination, and the Stress Process Model.” In Handbook on Society and Mental Health, edited by Marta Elliott. Edward Elgar Publishing.

Shah, Sarah. 2021. “Black and White or Shades of Grey: Religious Approaches and Muslim Marital Conflict.” Social Compass 69(1):113-132.

Shah, Sarah. 2019. “Canadian Muslims: Demographics, Discrimination, Religiosity, and Voting.” Institute of Islamic Studies Occasional Paper Series Collection 1(1):1-80.

Shah, Sarah. 2018. “Does Religion Buffer the Effects of Discrimination on Distress for Religious Minorities? The Case of Arab Americans.” Society and Mental Health 9(2):171-191.


Religion; Demography; Intersectionality; Mental Health


Family and Gender
Health and Mental Health
Current Courses
SOC318H5, SOC362H5, SOC408H5