Neda Maghbouleh. Credit Romi Levine.

Neda Maghbouleh

Canada Research Chair in Migration, Race, and Identity & Associate Professor (On Leave) Sociology
Office Location:
3359 Mississauga Road
Mississauga , Ontario
L5L 1C6

Neda Maghbouleh is Associate Professor of Sociology at UTM, with appointment to the graduate department at St. George. A recent winner of the Province of Ontario’s Early Researcher Award, she is lead researcher and Principal Investigator on the RISE (Refugee Integration, Stress, and Equity) Team, funded by a major 2018-2023 SSHRC Insight grant. Up-to-date information on her research and publications can be found at


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Race; Racism; Immigration; Islamophobia; Youth; Ethnicity; Gender
Current Courses: 
SOC230H5, SOC375H5, SOC408H5
Ph.D. (University of California Santa Barbara)
B.A. (Smith College)