Ethnic Diversity at UTM Research Talk

Ethnic diversity at UTM: A Study of Students' Perspectives and Experiences

Professor Luisa Farah SchwartzmanThe Department of Sociology invites you to attend this research talk by Professor Luisa Farah Schwartzman who will present results from an ongoing study on how UTM students understand and experience racial and ethnic diversity on campus, in their lives, and in Canada. 

Professor Schwartzman will reflect on broader sociological themes such as the how Canadian understandings of multiculturalism and citizenship shape students' understanding of belonging, how to think about "diversity" and inclusion in higher education. We will then use these results of the study as a starting point for a discussion about how the UTM community could better accommodate the needs of students.

  • Date: Friday 12 January
  • Time: 2pm-3pm
  • Location: DH2070
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