Pamela Armah, Financial Administrative

Office: MN6220
Phone: 905-569-4313

  • RA contracts and payroll forms
  • CUPE (TA, CI & SL) postings and contracts, DDAH forms, and TA-related issues
  • Financial (expense reimbursements/invoices, etc.)
  • Space allocation
  • Scheduling sessional and TA offices

Diana Becevello, Department Administrator

Office: MN6228
Phone: 905-828-5395

  • Department first point of contact
  • Academic HR administration (reviews, tenures, promotions, PTR)
  • Academic search administration
  • Room booking
  • Academic integrity note-taker
  • IT requests
  • Dropbox key allocation
  • Managing Chair’s calendar

Ania Joly, Academic Counsellor 

Office: MN6252
Phone: 905-569-4288

  • Course and program counselling (including ROPs and independent studies)
  • Special consideration administration for missed tests and late assignments
  • Advising faculty on student- and course-related matters
  • Course prerequisite checks
  • Subject POSts requests
  • Program checks and graduation assessments
  • Academic integrity administration
  • Liaison for course outlines, exams, international exchange, outreach, petitions, transfer credits etc.
  • Student outreach and recruitment activity
  • Departmental liaison with student society

Joanna Mackie, Program Officer

Office: MN6264
Phone: 905-828-3937

  • Experiential learning coordination and counselling
  • Advising faculty on program-related matters
  • Curriculum and course changes
  • Timetabling
  • Website
  • Communications
  • Peel Social Lab administration
  • Quercus liaison
  • Special projects

Lorna Taylor, Department Manager

Office: MN6222
Phone: 905-569-4391

  • Financial planning and forecasting
  • Budget management
  • Financial administration of research grants
  • Administrative staff management
  • TA planning and enrolment analysis
  • Space management
  • Procurement and purchasing