Jennifer Adese

Jennifer Adese, Associate Professor

  • Office: NE6226
  • Email: jennifer.adese@utoronto.ca
  • Current Courses: SOC332H5, SOC345H5, SOC404H5
  • Specialization: Indigenous Studies, Race, Racism, and Racialization, Indigenous Resistance Movements, Colonization and Decolonization, Literary Criticism
Prof. Zaheer Baber

Zaheer Baber, Professor

  • Office: NE6260   
  • Email: zaheer.baber@utoronto.ca
  • Current Courses: SOC231H5, SOC354H5, SOC465H5
  • Specialization: Social Theory, Science, Technology and Society
Jayne Baker

Jayne Baker, Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream

  • Office: NE6268 
  • Email: jayne.baker@utoronto.ca
  • Phone: 905-828-3948
  • Current Courses: SOC100H5, SOC221H5, SOC224H5, SOC347H5 and SOC452H5
  • Specialization: Gender, Education
Shyon Baumann

Shyon Baumann, Professor 

  • Office: NE6290
  • Email: shyon.baumann@utoronto.ca 
  • Current Courses: SOC221H5
  • Specialization: Sociological Study of Media, Culture and Arts
Ellen Berrey

Ellen Berrey, Assistant Professor 

  • Office: NE6254
  • Email: ellen.berrey@utoronto.ca   
  • Current Courses: SOC323H5
  • Specialization: Law and Society, Race and Racism, Cultural Sociology, Organizations, Environmental Sociology
Hae Yeon Choo

Hae Yeon Choo, Associate Professor (on leave until 30 June 2019)

  • Office: NE6294
  • Email: hy.choo@utoronto.ca 
  • Specialization: Gender and Sexuality, Urban Sociology, Immigration and Ethnicity   
Randol Contreras

Randol Contreras, Assistant Professor (on leave until 30 June 2019)

Cynthia Cranford

Cynthia Cranford, Associate Professor

  • Office: NE6234 
  • Email: c.cranford@utoronto.ca
  • Phone: 905-828-5410 
  • Current Courses: SOC352H5, SOC387H5, SOC460H5
  • Specialization: Gender and Family, Stratification, Work, and Labour Markets
Ronit Dinovitzer

Ronit Dinovitzer, Professor

  • Office: NE6286  
  • Email: ronit.dinovitzer@utoronto.ca
  • Current Courses:  SOC216H5, SOC342H5, SOC355H5, SOC475H5
  • Specialization: Stratification, Work and Labor Markets, Social Policy, Social Inequality
Prof. Jerry Flores

Jerry Flores, Assistant Professor

  • Office: NE6206
  • Email: jerry.flores@utoronto.ca   
  • Current Courses: SOC209H5, SOC300H5
  • Specialization: Studies of Gender and Crime, Prison Studies, Alternative Schools, Ethnographic Research Methods, Latina/o Sociology, Correctional Education, Intersectionality and Criminology, and Studies of Race and Ethnicity
Philip Goodman

Phil Goodman, Associate Professor and Associate Chair, Undergraduate - Criminology, Law & Society

  • Office: NE6248
  • Email: p.goodman@utoronto.ca
  • Phone: 905-569-4594
  • Current Courses: SOC205H5, SOC450H5
  • Specialization: Criminology, Law and Society
Robin Gray

Robin Gray, Assistant Professor

  • Office: NR6296
  • Email: robin.gray@utoronto.ca
  • Current Courses: SOC202H5, SOC445H5
  • Specialization: Socio-cultural Anthropology, Indigenous Studies, Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, Knowledge and Power, Critical Cultural Heritage, Ethnography, Research Ethics, Indigenous Methodologies
Susila Gurusami

Susila Gurusami, Assistant Professor

  • Office: NE6244
  • Email: susila.gurusami@utoronto.ca
  • Current Courses: SOC219H5, SOC447H5
  • Specialization: Race, Gender, Intersectionality, Carceral Studies, Ethnography
Steve Hoffman

Steve Hoffman, Assistant Professor

  • Office: NE6210
  • Email: steve.hoffman@utoronto.ca
  • Current Courses: SOC231H5, SOC411H5, SOC459H5. SOC463H5
  • Specialization: Theory, Qualitative Research Methods, Science, Technology and Knowledge, Cultural Sociology, Organizations, Political Sociology, Social Policy
Nathan Innocente

Nathan Innocente, Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream 

  • Office: NE6284
  • Email: nathan.innocente@utoronto.ca
  • Phone: 905-828-3945
  • Current Courses: SOC100H5, SOC303H5, SOC423H5, SOC480Y5
  • Specialization: Criminology, Law and Society, Stratification, Work and Labour Markets
Josee Johnston

Josee Johnston, Professor

  • Office: NE6292
  • Email: josee.johnston@utoronto.ca
  • Current Courses: SOC317H5, SOC349H5
  • Specialization: Sociology of Culture, Sociology of Food, Environmental Sociology, Gender
John Kervin

John Kervin, Professor 

  • Office: NE6240
  • Email: john.kervin@utoronto.ca
  • Phone: 905-569-4367
  • Current Courses: SOC227H5, SOC361H5, SOC361H5 and SOC412H5
  • Specialization: Work and Labour Markets, Gender

Amy Klassen, Lecturer 

  • Office: NE6207
  • Email: amy.klassen@utoronto.ca 
  • Current Courses: SOC211H5, SOC301H5, SOC371H5
  • Specialization: Punishment, Risk Theory, Correctional Officers, Mental Health, Criminology, Deviance, Psychiatric Power, Ethnography and Qualitative Methodology
Anna Korteweg

Anna Korteweg, Professor & Chair 

  • Office: NE6230‚Äč 
  • Email: anna.korteweg@utoronto.ca
  • Phone: 905-828-5395 
  • Current Courses: SOC375H5
  • Specialization: Political Sociology, Gender and Immigration

Zachary Levinsky, Lecturer

  • Office: NE6243
  • Email: zachary.levinsky@utoronto.ca 
  • Current Courses: SOC216H5, SOC323H5 SOC326H5, SOC379H5
  • Specialization: Law and Society, Criminology
Sida Liu

Sida Liu, Assistant Professor

  • Office: NE6288
  • Email: sd.liu@utoronto.ca 
  • Current Courses: SOC325H5, SOC440Y5, SOC475H5
  • Specialization: Law and Society, Organizations and Professions, Political Sociology, Social Theory
Neda Maghbouleh

Neda Maghbouleh, Assistant Professor

  • Office: NE6208
  • Email: neda.maghbouleh@utoronto.ca
  • Current Courses: SOC230H5, SOC444H5
  • Specialization: Race, Ethnicity, Immigration Diaspora, Youth
Prof. Paula Maurutto

Paula Maurutto, Associate Professor

  • Office: NE6236
  • Email: p.maurutto@utoronto.ca 
  • Current Courses: SOC316H5
  • Specialization: Criminology, Law and Society
Andrew Miles

Andrew Miles, Assistant Professor 

  • Office: NE6246
  • Email: andrew.miles@utoronto.ca
  • Phone: 905-569-4440
  • Current Courses: SOC222H5
  • Specialization: Sociology of Culture, Social Psychology, Sociology of Morality, Theories of Action, Quantitative Methods
Melissa Milkie

Melissa Milkie, Professor (on leave until 30 June 2019)

  • Office: NE6256
  • Email: melissa.milkie@utoronto.ca 
  • Phone: 905-828-5410
  • Specialization: Health/Mental Health, Culture, Gender, Work and Family

Akwasi Owusu-Bempah, Assistant Professor

  • Office: NE6258
  • Email: a.o.bempah@utoronto.ca
  • Current Courses: SOC209H5, SOC322H5
  • Specialization: Race, Crime and Criminal Justice, Policing
David Pettinicchio

David Pettinicchio, Assistant Professor

  • Office: NE6216
  • Email: d.pettinicchio@utoronto.ca   
  • Current Courses: SOC222H5 and SOC350H5
  • Specialization: Social Policy, Political Sociology, Social Movements and Disability
Kristin Plys

Kristin Plys, Assistant Professor

  • Office: NE6204
  • Email: kristin.plys@utoronto.ca
  • Current Courses: SOC236H5, SOC439H5, SOC454H5
  • Specialization: Political Economy, Development, Postcolonial Sociology, Labour and Labour Movements, Comparative and Historical Sociology, The Global South, South Asian Studies
Jasmine Rault

Jasmine Rault, Assistant Professor

Ashley Rubin

Ashley Rubin, Assistant Professor

  • Office: NE6264
  • Email: ashley.rubin@utoronto.ca
  • Current Courses: SOC205H5, SOC211H5, SOC320H5
  • Specialization: Criminology, Law and Society, Social Theory, Stratification, Work and Labour Markets
Erik Schneiderhan

Erik Schneiderhan, Associate Professor and Associate Chair, Undergraduate - Sociology 

  • Office: NE6238
  • Email:  e.schneiderhan@utoronto.ca 
  • Current Courses: SOC335H5, SOC382H5, SOC432H5
  • Specialization: Sociology of Genocide; Political Sociology
Luisa Farah Schwartzman

Luisa Farah Schwartzman, Associate Professor 

  • Office: NE6262
  • Email: luisa.fs@utoronto.ca
  • Current Courses: SOC253H5, SOC300H5, SOC457H5
  • Specialization: Race & Ethnicity
Gail Super

Gail Super, Assistant Professor

  • Office: NE6224
  • Email: gail.super@utoronto.ca
  • Current Courses: SOC205H5, SOC346H5
  • Specialization: Criminology, Law and Society, Punishment and Society 
Weiguo Zhang

Weiguo Zhang, Associate Professor

  • Office: NE6212
  • Email: weiguo.zhang@utoronto.ca
  • Phone: 905-828-3943
  • Current Courses: SOC244H5, SOC334H5, SOC356H5, SOC444H5
  • Specialization: Gender and Family