Alumni Profile


Vanita Clare


Graduated from UTM:  June 2018

Degree:  Honours Bachelor of Arts with Distinction

Program(s):  Criminology, Law and Society major, Political Science major

Awards & Accolades:  Principal’s Involvement Award

Other Degrees:  Masters in Public Policy and Administration

Current Role:  Ph.D. student at University of Toronto

Vanita Clare



What have you been doing since graduating from UTM?

Vanita:  After graduating from UTM I attended X University for my Masters in Public Policy and Administration. From there I worked as a policy advisor for the Ministry of Long-Term Care for just under two years. 


Tell us about your current role!

Vanita:  I am currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Toronto with the Department of Political Science! 


What are you studying now/what is your research focus?

 Vanita:  My research focus is on gender-based violence in Canada’s resource extraction industry. 


What was your favourite Sociology course taken at UTM?

Vanita:  It’s hard to choose one! UTM has a great selection of courses. My favourites included Drugs in the City with Professor Contreras, Criminal Justice with Professor Owusu-Bempah, and Gender, Crime and Justice with Professor Klassen. 


What did you enjoy most about your time at UTM (or the SOC/CRIM program specifically)?

Vanita:  What I enjoyed most about my time as a Criminology major at UTM was both the close-knit community that really fostered a great learning environment, but also the wide array of courses that truly allowed me to experiment, learn, and hone in specific research areas I was interested in. The faculty were all conducting lots of interesting research that really bled through into the courses and opened up my eyes to what could be possible.


Were you involved in any clubs, teams, or extra-curricular activities while at UTM?

Vanita:  I was really involved in Student Services on campus, particularly with the Health and Counselling Centre and the Career Centre. I met some of the best friends through those experiences and really grew into the person I am. Deciding to be part of these services really fostered a sense of community for me on campus and really brought out a sense of belonging. Through my time that I dedicated to fostering a safe and inclusive campus, I was awarded with a Principal’s Involvement Award, but more than that, I walked away with a lot of experience and knowledge that I left some lasting impact on the students I interacted with. 


What tip or suggestion would you like to pass along to current students?

Vanita:  My advice to current students would be to get as uncomfortable as you can get. Take lots of chances, say yes to opportunities that come your way, and continue to push the boundaries of your comfort zone. More than just taking a bunch of courses, really put in the time and effort into cultivating an experience that is right for you. These 4+ years will fly by, and the moments you are the most uncomfortable are the moments you will learn the most from, grow the most from, and remember for years to come. 


What’s next for you?

Vanita:  What’s next for me is to continue to work on my latest adventure here at UofT, and continue to learn more from the amazing faculty, and hopefully delve into more of my own research.


Thanks Vanita, we wish you all the best!