Message from Co-Chairs

Hello and welcome to the Student Life Professionals Network at UTM! 

SLP@UTM is designed for anyone who works directly with students in their role, but is open to anyone who’s interested in being involved. The more the merrier!

Our goal is to develop events and programming to connect the student-facing professionals on our campus with one another to strengthen collaboration and community in the work that we do. SLP@UTM will provide opportunities for us to network and share the work we’re doing. It will also serve as an opportunity for us to connect on shared professional development opportunities together.  

We’re looking forward to coming together to support our work, each other and especially, our students.

Jenna Menzies & Michelle Atkinson

What is SLP@UTM?

SLP@UTM is the Student Life Professionals Network at UTM, a professional network for student-facing professionals at the UTM campus. In partnership with Student Life Professional networks at St. George and Scarborough, SLP@UTM aims to provide both online and in-person opportunities for professional development, sharing of resources, and peer support in building community and fostering collaboration among student development-focused professionals in order to enhance the quality of student experience.

Executive Teams:
There are three Executive Teams with SLP@UTM; Professional Development, Communications and Networking, and Outreach, Member Engagement and Socials. Executive Team Leaders are self-nominated positions that are then appointed by the Co-Chairs. As SLP@UTM is launched, we recognize that these teams will evolve and change based on the group needs.

Learning Exchanges:
Learning Exchanges are an opportunity for the SLP@UTM group to meet to connect for professional development, networking, and information sharing. Typically, these events will be two hours in length with an optional one hour networking component with the group. During Learning Exchanges, SLP@UTM will cover: updates from the Co-Chairs and Executive Teams; information exchanges about upcoming events and initiatives on campus; a professional development topic; and opportunity to network with colleagues.

Tri-Campus SLP:
Tri-campus SLP denotes the Student Life Professional Networks at each of the UofT campuses. SLP@UTM aims to connect with the Tri-Campus SLP teams for information sharing, professional development initiatives, SLP Reads and more.

SLP Reads:
SLP Reads is a tri-campus collaboration aimed at engaging staff in facilitated discussions about current events, research and interest areas in higher education and for those who work directly with students. 

Terms of Reference

To read the SLP@UTM Terms of Reference click here.