U-Pass FAQs

Does the U-Pass work on other transit systems?

U-Pass holders are required to pay full fare for rides that originate on systems other than Mississauga Transit.  U-Pass users, along with other MiWay pass users, are not eligible for transfers to other transit systems, including Brampton Transit, Oakville Transit*, and the TTC (Toronto).  

Does the U-Pass serve students using wheelchairs?

Most MiWay buses are equipped with automatic ramps to assist riders in wheelchairs. Please visit the MiWay website for details on access and accessible routes. If services are required that are not available on MiWay, visit the Region of Peel TransHelp service for information.

Is the U-Pass eligible for an income tax credit?

The cost of the U-Pass is generally eligible for tax credit on a Canadian income tax return. When a student is automatically charged for a U-Pass as part of tuition and fees, the cost is included in the student’s T2202 ’Education and Textbook Amounts Certificate' for tax purposes. If a student instead wishes to claim this expense on the public transit line of Canada's federal tax Schedule 1, the equivalent amount should be subtracted from the amount shown on the T2202.