MySSP Consultative Support (after hours)

We are happy to provide extended support to staff and faculty who may want to consult on a student mental health immediate concern that is requiring support outside of business hours and requires action before the next business day through mySSP. 

Should you be in contact with a student who is in distress after hours, please complete the following:

  • Confirm at the outset of the contact (virtual, telephone) where the student is located. This can be completed in casual conversation as part of your normal process before starting interactions with students. Record the student's contact information as this is helpful if additional services are needed during a distressing incident. 
  • Should you need to consult with a professional during your interaction with the student (e.g. student is distressed and you aren't sure of next steps) you can call MySSP for consultative support. You must identify yourself as a staff person. It is helpful to let the student know that you are concerned and need to consult with someone to ensure you are providing the best direction and advice. 
  • After contacting MySSP, please contact your direct supervisor and outline the incident and the steps you took for follow-up and further consultation if needed.
  • If the incident is an emergency, you should contact Campus Safety Services emergency line 905-569-4333
  • You should always inform your immediate supervisor of the situation and the action you have taken. 



The My SSP Program provides direct support to faculty and staff who work with students.

Please reach out if you wish to consult with a My SSP counsellor on a particular issue.

To access consultative support, call 1.844.451.9700 anytime

Identify yourself as a staff or faculty from your institution and request consultative support.


Please remember that in the case of Campus Safety Services and mySSP, followup will occur the next business day (or in the event of more serious issues immediately) with the Dean of Student Affairs. We may be in contact with you directly for more information.