Identifying and Responding to Students in Distress

Faculty, staff and teaching assistants are often the first to become aware that a student is in distress. You can be instrumental in helping the student seek and receive the support needed. The information provided below is designed to assist you in identifying and responding to students in distress.

We all have a role in helping students in distress


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Safety trumps privacy.  You can maintain a student's privacy and confidentiality by sharing information up (with professional staff with whom you are consulting and your supervisor) but not out to others.

For information on how to make an effective referral, please refer to our guidelines.


Life threatening situation or threat of immediate physical danger. Immediately call 911 and UTM Campus Police 905-569-4333 (24/7) 


Student crisis situations requiring immediate referral or reporting, such as:


Ongoing persistent difficulties or changes in behaviour, such as:


Additional Resources

Campus Ploice Health & Counselling Centre Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP)
Community Safety Office Good2Talk Equity & Diversity Office