International ROP aka iROP

The Research Opportunity Program is a great place to further your research goals, while helping undergraduate students obtain valuable research experience. This program an opportunity for you to highlight the areas of research that you are focusing on, and to showcase those areas to the University of Toronto Mississauga community.

Now Introducing: The International Research Opportunity Program (IROP)

This new addition to the ROP offers a unique opportunity to send UTM students abroad and in return obtain a student(s) to participate in your ROP project from one of our leading international exchange partner institutions.

Interested in participating in the IROP? There are a couple things you will need to do:

1. Include information about a possible exchange opportunity in your ROP project proposal for an outgoing UTM student and an inbound Exchange student.

2. Increase the TOTAL number of available student spaces in your project by +1 (or more) to accommodate an international student and not take space away from a UTM student(s) interested in your ROP project.

NOTE: There is limited funding available for the IROP opportunity through ROP funding, and not all that wish to participate will be selected.

If you have any questions or general inquiries about the ROP, please contact Rima Abu-Shakra, ROP Coordinator.