Anna Kosovicheva and Benjamin Wolfe (Psychology)

Professors Anna Kosovicheva and Benjamin Wolfe
To kick off the new season, this episode of VIEW to the U, we are chatting with two faculty members from UTM’s Department of Psychology: Professors Anna Kosovicheva and Benjamin Wolfe, co-directors of the Applied Perception and Psychophysics Lab, or APPLY Lab, that was recently established at UTM in 2021.

Anna and Ben help to launch the new season: “Without further ado” is the theme for the year, and throughout this season, the podcast will feature new people from UTM’s vibrant and ever-growing research community.

Over the course of this interview, Anna and Ben talk about their research in the APPLY lab, which focuses on how we take in information, particularly visual perception and overall how vision works, and the applications for activities such as driving and reading.

We also talk about some of their out-of-the-lab pursuits and the creative ways they spend some of their free time.

A full transcript of this interview is available.

Also see the companion piece Setting Sights, as well as visit the APPLY lab website.

The books and shows both Ben and Anna mentioned they were enjoying are the following: