TCards (student ID cards) video transcript

If you go to UTM, you need a TCard. A TCard lets you do fun and exciting things like use printers on campus, write exams, work out at the gym, take out books from the library, ride MiWay and the St. George shuttle bus without paying a fare, and a whole lot of other things that all the cool kids are doing these days.
To get your first TCard, drop by the TCard Office with your offer of admission letter and your ID. If you need a replacement TCard, you don't need your offer of admission, but you still need to bring ID. 
If you're a domestic student, you have three options for proving your identity. Your first option is to bring in your Canadian Passport. Your second option is to bring in both your Canadian Birth Certificate and a piece of valid government-issued photo ID. Your third option is to bring in your Permanent Resident or Citizenship Card and a piece of valid government-issued photo ID.
If you're an international student, you'll need to bring in your foreign passport and your valid study permit to prove your identity.
To learn about additional ID options, visit
Once we've seen all that, we'll take your picture, put it on a TCard, and give the TCard to you. Then you can do all of those amazing things U of T students can do with this wondrous piece of identification.