Summer ACE@UTM Testimonials


Student 1I feel very lucky to be a student at the University of Toronto Mississauga. Before starting at UTM I completed the Summer Academic Culture & English (ACE@UTM) program. Summer ACE@UTM provided me the opportunity in advance to adapt to university life, becoming more familiar with the campus and gaining new study skills. During the two months of Summer ACE@UTM I noticed an improvement in my English level and ability. Through the presentations and practice in class I gained the courage needed to express my ideas. Also, when writing I no longer use Chinese-style templates to express and organize my thoughts. While learning English I also had the opportunity to meet a lot of new friends who all came from different cities. To this date we still stay in touch, especially when we need help. The Summer ACE@UTM program provided me with an unforgettable experience!

Student 2Before starting the Summer ACE@UTM program, I thought learning a new language was boring. However, my teacher used her own learning experiences in combination with the number of years teaching that she has. ACE@UTM has not only helped me improve my level of English but it helped me better understand Canada’s culture, economy and history. In addition to learning English our teachers taught us the appropriate way to communicate with professors, how to take notes efficiently and essay writing skills. On the weekends upper year University of Toronto Mississauga students helped us become familiar with our new surroundings and experience Canada’s culture with different social events. The Summer ACE@UTM program has shaped me into a more confident student who is now ready to face the challenges of university life.