Tuition Fees

View Your Tuition Fee Invoice

  1. Login to ACORN on July 17 to view your tuition fees
  2. Click on the Finances menu 
  3. Select "View Invoice" button

Deadline to Pay Your Fees: August 15

In order to register for the upcoming session(s), it is important for you to make your payment as soon as your fees are posted on ACORN, and no later than August 15. Remember, your payments require time to process, so please plan accordingly.

Your Registration Status

  • Prior to making a payment, your registration status is invited - this means that you are eligible to add courses, and return for the upcoming session(s), or that you have already added courses.
  • Your registration status must be registered by August 29 in order to secure your spot in the courses you have selected.

Payments Made Before or On August 15 

Thank you for meeting the deadline! Your next steps: 

  • Relax, and please be patient.
  • Allow time for your payment to process. It can take up to 7 business days for payments made in Canada, and up to 14 business days for payments made outside of Canada. 
  • Your registration status must say "registered" by August 29, so simply monitor your account. 

Payments Made betweeen August 16 - August 29

  • You are at risk of being removed from courses. 
  • To avoid being removed from courses, submit your proof of payment online no later than August 29 at 4:00pm.

Missing the Payment Deadline

If your status is invited by August 30, you will be financially cancelled and removed from all courses. A tuition payment or requesting a fee deferral is your way of confirming your intent to register and take courses for the upcoming session(s).

In cases where your circumstances change, and you are not longer able to attend classes, this automatic cancellation on August 30 is a safe way to ensure that fees do not continue accrue on your account.

Late Registration

If you are financially cancelled due to non-payment, or an unsuccessful fee deferral, you can reinstate your registration in order to add courses on ACORN. The late registration penalty is $44 on the first day, and will increase by $5 for each additional business day. This request can be completed and paid for online by submitting the Late Registration Form.

The late registration fee is effective as of:

  • August 31 for F and/or Y courses
  • December 13 for S courses only 

Payment Options

There are different options available to make it convenient for you to pay your tuition fees through your bank or financial institution.

After you make a payment, keep a receipt or proof of payment until it is credited to your ACORN account. Screenshots are acceptable if you made a payment online. Please allow up to 7 business days for your payment to process, and up to 14 business days for payments made outside of Canada.

Select the payment option of your choice: 

Internet, Telephone, or ATM

  • Set up a new bill and register the University of Toronto as a payee. 
  • Enter your U of T account number, which can be found on the upper right hand corner of your invoice (LASTNAME1234567890).

In Person at Your Bank

  • Print a copy of your invoice directly from ACORN using your Internet browser settings. Most banks accept printed copies.
  • Payments at the Registrar's Office for tuition are not accepted.

Credit Card Payments on ACORN

Once your tuition fee invoice is posted with your upcoming balance, you will be able to make your payment using a credit card. 

  1. Login to ACORN to view your fees beginning July 17 
  2. Under the Finances menu, select "Make a Payment" using the credit card option.
  3. View the online tutorial if needed.

A few important notes

  • It takes 2-3 business days for your payment to be processed successfully
  • A non-refundable fee calculated at 1.75% of your payments is charged by Moneris.
  • Non-Canadian dollar denominated credit card fee payments will be subject to foreign exchange rates and fees determined by your credit card company.

HigherEd Points 

  • Convert Aeroplan Miles and TD Travel Rewards Program points into $250 worth of credits that you can use toward your fees.
  • Visit for more information

Western Union GlobalPay (Payments made outside of Canada)

  • Pay your tuition fees at a local bank using the equivalent Canadian dollar amount
  • Allow up to 14 business days for bank processing
  • For full details and assistance please visit 

Defer Your Fees by August 29

A fee deferral is an arrangement made between the student and the university to pay fees after normal deadlines. Students who qualify for a fee deferral do so with the understanding that they are responsible for making their payment once their student aid funding arrives.


  • Apply and qualify for government-funded student aid (OSAP or equivalent as recognized by your province) 

Request a Fee Deferral Online

  1. Login to ACORN
  2. Select "Tuition Fee Deferral" under the Finances menu

You will know immediately if your fee deferral request is successful. You will receive a confirmation message, and your registration status will change from invited to registered.

Scholarship Recipients

  • If your scholarship/award covers your minimum required payment, and you do not have outstanding fees, bring a copy of your scholarship letter to the Office of the Registrar for a fee deferral.

Understanding Your Fees

Tuition Fees

Fees are determined by the number of credits you take and by the program you are enrolled in.

Some programs are deregulated, meaning they have higher fees and a different fee structure. Refer to the Fees for Deregulated Programs section of the Program Selection Guide for details. It is important to be aware of the fee structure before adding a deregulated program. 

Compulsory Fees

Compulsory ancillary fees are also paid by all students for incidentals and ancillary services.

International Fees

International students are charged higher tuition fees than domestic students.  Determine whether you may be eligible for an international fee exemption.

Additional fees and resources:

Tuition Fee Refunds

Dropping courses before deadlines will generate a full or partial refund of fees depending on when you drop your courses. A refund is determined by the date your course is cancelled on ACORN. 

An exception to the refund schedule is normally only considered if there is evidence of an error made on the part of the university. 

Outstanding Fees

Fees that remain unpaid by the published deadlines will incur a monthly service charge of 1.5% compounded (19.56% annum).