Letters of Permission & Post-Admission Transfer Credits

Letters of Permission

What is a "Letter of Permission?"

A Letter of Permission (LOP) is prior confirmation that a course you intend to take at another university is acceptable for a U of T Mississauga transfer credit.

How do I know if I am eligible for a LOP?

To be eligible for a Letter of Permission, you MUST:

  • only request to study at a Canadian university that is a member of Universities Canada;
  • be registered in a U of T Mississauga degree program;
  • be in good financial and academic standing with U of T Mississauga;
  • have a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 1.50 in the session before studies at the host institution begin;
  • not already have 10.0 total transfer credits or 5.0 post-admission transfer credits (“post-admission” refers to studies you completed elsewhere after being admitted to U of T Mississauga, including courses taken via LOP or international exchange);
  • not have already received credit for a similar course(s);
  • submit your application before the appropriate deadline:
    • April 1 - for studies in the Summer (May-August)
    • July 1 - for studies in the Fall (September-December)
    • November 1 - for studies in the Winter (January-April)

NOTE: Only students enrolled in a Commerce or Management program at U of T Mississauga may earn Commerce or Management equivalencies on a Letter of Permission.

For more detailed LOP information and to apply for an LOP, please visit https://registrar.utm.utoronto.ca/student/lop.

Post-Admission Transfer Credits

U of T Mississauga students who wish to study at another institution are encouraged to do so via a Letter of Permission (for Canadian Universities) or a formal International Exchange (for institutions outside Canada).

Students who take courses at another institution without following one of these processes may still be eligible for transfer credits; however, the transfer credit assessment will only take place upon completion of the course(s). Therefore, there is no guarantee that coursework completed at another institution will transfer to your U of T Mississauga degree program.

Learn about the post-admission transfer credits, or submit the post-admission transfer credit application form.