Late Withdrawal After the Drop Date video transcript

It's nearing the end of the term, and you're not doing so great in a course. Maybe you didn't like the course, maybe it turned out to be more difficult than you expected, or maybe you spent your time watching cat videos instead of getting any work done. You try to drop the course, but ACORN won't let you because the drop deadline has passed. So what can you do? Shrug your shoulders, queue up another cat video, and take the bad grade?
You might think that's the only option, but it's not. Even if it's late in the term, you can still drop the course using Late Withdrawal After the Drop Date, or LWD. LWD lets you drop any U of T course before the last day of classes, even after the drop date. Generally speaking, you can use LWD for up to 3.0 credits of your 20 credit degree.
When you drop a course through LWD, the course shows up on your transcript with the notation "LWD" instead of a grade. An LWD won't affect your CGPA, so if you're worried that a bad grade would tarnish your otherwise spotless record, consider using LWD. And if you LWD a course, you can take it again later to get a better grade. But keep in mind that if you're thinking about grad school, having an LWD on your transcript might look bad on your application. You should check with the schools you plan to apply to.
So that's LWD in a nutshell... though there are a few other quirks you need to know about. First, an LWD is non-reversible; there's no way to back out. Second, you can't get your money back for the course. And lastly, dropping a course (whether you drop it normally or through LWD) can affect student loans like OSAP.
But if that all sounds okay with you, you might be itching to start LWDing. But wait! Before you go, you should know that there are a few cases where you shouldn't or can't use LWD.
You shouldn't use LWD if you're not doing well in a course because of extenuating circumstances, like a medical crisis or another issue beyond your control. You should petition to withdraw from the course instead because you can only LWD 3.0 credits, and petitions don't count toward that limit.
You can't LWD a course for which you've completed all the coursework. That means that if you've completed the final assignment or test for a course that doesn't have a final exam, you're out of luck. 
You also can't LWD a course for which you've committed an academic offense. If you're under review for an academic offense, you can't LWD the course unless you're cleared of the charges.
Got all that? Great, that's all you need to know! To use LWD, visit the Office of the Registrar website and click on "Forms" to find the LWD request page. The last day to LWD a course is the last day of classes of that term.
So before you take that bad grade, consider using LWD instead. You'll save your CGPA from taking a hit, and you'll have more time for those cat videos you're so fond of.