Emergency Undergraduate Grant

The Emergency Undergraduate Grant is intended to assist all undergraduate students who are directly impacted by COVID-19 and need immediate, short-term financial relief because of unexpected expenses. 


  • All undergraduate students (domestic, international, full-time and part-time) 

  • Based on need associated with an education program and unexpected critical costs including living costs, travel home, moving costs, and other extraordinary and reasonable needs. 

Please note that the grant is intended to provide financial relief but cannot cover expenses unrelated to COVID-19 and existing debt obligations or non-essential expenses. For example, outstanding tuition fees; request for summer tuition fees for courses taken elsewhere; support for partner or family expenses; expenses for MCAT courses; mortgage or maintenance fees for secondary residence or other discretionary expenses (e.g., missed car payment, gym membership). 

Before You Apply

  • Record your personal Canadian bank information on ACORN under the direct deposit section. Refer to the instructions to set up direct deposit if you have not done so already. If you do not have direct deposit recorded, your payment will not be processed. 

  • If your Canadian bank account information is not available, a cheque will be mailed to your current Canadian mailing address on ACORN.

How to Apply

Processing Times

  • It will take approximately 4 business days to review your application. We are actively working to process applications carefully and as quickly as possible. However, due to the current volume, it may take longer than our estimated time. 

  • We will forward your application to U of T's Enrolment Services office. You will be notified of the decision on your grant applications within 2 business days of Enrolment Services receiving the application from our office.

U of T's Funding Opportunity Directory

The University of Toronto is working to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, including providing emergency financial support and work-study opportunities for students. Students can refer to the Funding Opportunity Directory, which provides resources to access those university financial aid supports as well as provincial and federal government programs.