Rules & Policies

Rules of conduct for final examinations

1.    No person will be allowed in an examination room during an exam except the students concerned and those supervising the exam.

2.    Students must appear at the exam room at least fifteen minutes before the posted start time of the exam.

3.    Students are required to bring two pieces of photo ID to each exam. One MUST be a valid U of T student ID card (TCard) and the other must be government-issued (eg: driver's licence, passport).

4.    Bags, purses, coats/jackets, books are to be deposited in areas designated by the Chief Presiding Officer (CPO) and are not to be taken to the exam desk or table. Students may place their wallets in the clear, sealable, plastic bags and put them on the floor under their chairs. The student must not touch or open the bags during the exam.

5.    All electronic devices with storage, including but not limited to, cell phones, smart watches, SMART devices, tablets, laptops, calculators, etc., must be turned off, sealed in the clear, plastic bags provided and placed under the desk for the duration of the examination.  The student must not touch or open the bags during the exam.

6.    The CPO has authority to assign seats to students.

7.    Students cannot communicate with one another, in any manner whatsoever, during the examination.

8.    Students may not leave the exam room unescorted for any reason, and this includes using the washroom.

9.    No materials shall be brought into the room or used at an exam except those authorized by the CPO or the presiding officer.

10.    Students who bring any unauthorized material into an examination room, or who assist or obtain assistance from other students or from any unauthorized source, are liable to penalties/sanctions as listed in the university's Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters, including the loss of academic credit, suspension or expulsion.

11.    Students who are less than 30 minutes late for a final exam may enter the exam room and begin writing. The CPO is not required to give any extra time. Students who are more than 30 minutes late for a final exam must report immediately to the Office of the Registrar, Innovation Complex, Room 1235.

12.    To ensure minimal disruption at the beginning and end of an exam, students must remain seated at their desks for at least the first 30 minutes and the final 10 minutes of an examination.

13.    During the last 10 minutes of an exam, students are to remain in their seats until the exam is over and the CPO has collected all exams.

14.    At the conclusion of an exam, students must stop writing. The CPO may seize the papers of students who fail to observe this requirement.  The CPO will write a detailed anomaly (see above) and inform the student that this matter will be reported to the Office of the Dean and a penalty may be imposed.

15.    Exam books and other material issued for the exam cannot be removed from the exam room, except by authority of the CPO.

16.    U of T Mississauga is not responsible for personal property left in exam rooms.