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General Exam Information

All students are required to bring two pieces of photo ID to each exam. One MUST be a valid U of T student ID card (TCard) and the other must be government-issued (eg: driver's licence, passport). TCards will be scanned to confirm attendance at the exam. If you have lost your TCard, a replacement is available (for a fee of $20) from the TCard Office in the CCIT atrium during regular office hours.

NOTE: It may be necessary to schedule exams during the day for classes held in the evening and vice versa. Exams may also be held on Saturday.

Students who make personal commitments during the exam period do so at their own risk. No petitions will be accepted for deferred exams to accomodate personal or vacation plans.

Deferred Exams

(1) Students who miss a final examination due to illness or other serious causes, and who are approved to write a deferred examination, will be scheduled within the first week following the regular exam period, with the exception of December final exams.

(For December exams, deferred exams will be held during Reading Week.)

(2) A student who misses a final examination due to extenuating circumstances will be required, within 72 hours of the missed examination, to petition online for a deferred examination and submit appropriate documentation to the Office of the Registrar. Students are also required to declare their absence on ACORN on the day of the examination (or by day after at the latest).

A non-refundable fee of $70 (per exam) is required immediately upon submission of the petition and prior to writing the deferred exam.

(3) Students who miss a final exam will have only one opportunity to write a deferred exam.

Petitions for second deferrals will only be considered in extreme circumstances - for example, if a student suffers a severe personal emergency or requires hospitalization.

IMPORTANT: Due to an increase in the use of forged documentation, the Office of the Registrar now verifies the authenticity of ALL medical certificates by contacting medical clinics. Students who submit forged documentation are subject to severe academic penalties. Read more about the process for special consideration and the requirements for supporting documentation posted on the final examination schedule.

The Office of the Registrar and the University of Toronto Mississauga community believe that students are more likely to be successful in completing their course(s) when they are healthy and already prepared to write the examination.

Students must record Examination Conflict(s) and Religious Accommodation Requests online.

Specific instructions and procedures about exam conflicts in any given exam period are listed on the exam schedule.

(4) UTM students who currently live on residence must complete a Deferred Exam Extension Request form through the Student Housing & Residence Life website.