Hands-on Academic Experience

Gain experience outside of the classroom

U of T Mississauga offers a variety of opportunities for students to expand their academic experience, including special research programs, opportunities to study abroad, internships and work-study programs.

Work-Study Program

The Work-Study Program is an on-campus part-time employment program for students. Jobs are available on all three U of T campuses and offer up to 12 hours per week of work experience, often in fields related to your area of study or interest. For more information about the Work-Study program, click here.

Research Opportunity Program (ROP)

The Research Opportunity Program (ROP) is successful in attracting U of T Mississauga students to exciting projects under faculty supervision.

ROP allows students to earn one full course credit by participating in a faculty member's research project. The student WILL NOT be paid for participation.

There is no final exam in this course; however, for most courses, students are expected to keep a journal and meet regularly with their supervisor and be evaluated in other ways deemed suitable by their supervisor. A general time commitment of 8 to 10 hours per week is required.

Departments participating in this program will have a "_99Y" designation after their department code for this course (i.e. CHM 299Y).

For more information about ROP, click here.

Exchange Abroad - International Student Exchange Options

U of T Mississauga students are invited to apply to earn credit towards their degree in their second year and up, at one of U of T's many international exchange partner universities.

U of T's Centre for International Experience provides research support for students investigating where they would like to study; academic support for processing transfer credit back towards your U of T degree; emergency safety support while you are away; and even some financial support.

Please check out the Centre for International Experience for details of where you could be studying next year.

*Also note that U of T Mississauga students are eligible for the "Arts and Science students only" exchanges.

Internships & Professional Experience Year (PEY)

Expand your horizons beyond the classroom and discover the many internship opportunities at U of T Mississauga. Fourth-year students can apply to a melieu of on-campus internships in the areas of:

  • Biology
  • Forensic Science
  • Exceptionality in Human Learning
  • Environment/GIS
  • Communications, Culture & Information Technology (CCIT)
  • Early Teacher Program (Science)
  • Management & Commerce
  • Historical Studies
  • Professional Writing & Communication
  • Study of Women & Gender

More information on U of T Mississauga internships

The Career Centre also offers resources for off-campus internships, and information about the Professional Experience Year (PEY) program. The PEY internship program allows students to apply their knowledge in a 12-16 months project-based professional internship.