Confirmation of Enrolment Letters video transcript

When friends or family ask you, "So where are you studying?" you probably tell them, "Well, my good friend and/or family member, I'm a proud and hard-working student at the University of Toronto Mississauga!" But when you're dealing with an important matter like insurance, an RESP, or OSAP, it's not enough to just tell them you're studying at UTM. They want proof. Depending on the situation, you might be asked for a confirmation of enrolment letter, an RESP Verification of Enrolment or Registration, or a Schedule 2 from OSAP.

Let's start with the first one. A confirmation of enrolment letter is an official letter from us that proves that you're enrolled or registered in a current academic session. You can request a letter on the Office of the Registrar website under the Forms section.

The second form, an RESP Verification of Enrolment or Registration, is a form that an RESP company sends to you to give to us to complete. To do that, you need to do two things: make a request on our website and bring in or fax the RESP form to us. We'll process it, then you can either pick it up, or we can send it to the RESP company directly.
The last form deals with OSAP. If you received OSAP in the past, but didn't get it for the current session, interest will start to accrue on your loan and the government will expect you to start repaying it. But if you're still studying here full-time, you can fill out a Schedule 2 to keep your loan interest-free for another year. Come to the Office of the Registrar to fill it out. Bring your TCard, and be prepared to fill out your Social Insurance Number. You can fill out the form at any time in between the first day of classes until the last day of exams of the academic session.
And that's all there is to it. It might not be as easy as telling a friend or family member that you study here, so if you have any questions, or if you have another form that we didn't cover here, drop by the Office of the Registrar or give us a shout at 905-828-5399.