How to Choose a Minor, Major or Specialist (Subject POSt)


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As a U of T Mississauga student, you must enrol in a set of academic programs (specialist, majors, and minors) appropriate to the degree you are pursuing.

You must undertake this process as soon as you have successfully completed 4.0 or more credits (or earned and/or in progress in the summer).

Failure to do so will result in your Fall-Winter Session registration being blocked, and limit your access to some high-demand courses.

If you are pursuing an HBA, HBSc or BCom, you must be formally enrolled in at least: one specialist or two majors or one major plus two minors.

Major: a major indicates specialization with a number of courses drawn from one particular subject area. At U of T Mississauga, a major program consists of 6.0 to 8.5 credits, including at least two 300/400 level credits.

Minor:  a minor indicates a lesser degree of specialization, with only a few courses drawn from one particular area. At U of T Mississauga, a minor program consists of 4.0 credits, including at least one 300/400 level credit.

Specialist: a specialist is indicates a higher degree of specialization with a number of courses drawn from one particular subject area. A specialist program is allowed within any Honours (BA or BSc) degree or BCom degree. At U of T Mississauga, a specialist program consists of 9.0 to 16.0 credits (out of a total of 20.0 credits required for an Honours BA or an Honours BSc) including at least four 300/400 level credits, one of which must be at the 400 level.

Add or Change a Program

First, log onto ACORN and click on "Subject POSts"

To view your program(s) online:
Log onto and select "Subject POSts" to view the specialists, majors and minors in which you are currently enrolled.

If you need to add/adjust your programs to meet the above criteria, you can do so for most U of T Mississauga programs using ACORN. Type 1 and 2 Programs are added through ACORN with minimal restriction. Type 3 programs have special conditions. Here are more specific details on each type:

  1. You can use ACORN to add programs that are open to all U of T Mississauga students -- these programs are labeled "Type 1" in the Registration Guide (select the appropriate session's Registration Guide).
  2. You can also use ACORN to add selective programs that are open to U of T Mississauga students who meet the requirements printed in the program section of the Academic Calendar — these programs are labeled "Type 2" in the Registration Guide (select the appropriate session's Registration Guide).

    These programs typically require a minimum GPA, particular courses, and/or particular marks. If you don't meet the criteria, you will be removed from the program (and may be removed from related courses) if you are later found to have been ineligible to enter such a program. Click here for the CGPA calculator
  3. Programs labeled "Type 3" have a limited number of spaces and require that specific criteria be met before enroling in them. The criteria and process are available through the department responsible for the program and generally consist of specific courses, minimum GPA and/or grades along with any other critieria required by the department. For "Type 3" programs, you should contact the department for application instructions, secure departmental authorization, then enrol in the program in person at the Office of the Registrar during office hours.

    Commerce students complete this process online, following instructions and timelines available from the Commerce department.

If you are not allowed to enrol online for a program classified as Type 1 or Type 2 , contact the Office of the Registrar.

For programs classified as Type 3, contact the academic department offering the program.

Choosing a Subject POSt

For complete details regarding Subject POSts, including program choices, see the Program Selection Guide.