Working on Campus Procedure

Coming to Work on Campus Procedure

Effective November 27, 2020

As we enter the ninth consecutive month of quarantine, the health and safety of our department continues to remain a priority for us. And to that end, we would like to ensure that those having to work from campus are not facing any undue risk while performing their duties. We encourage people to work from home when possible, but if your work demands that you visit the campus, please make sure you abide by the regulations put in place by the provincial government and the University of Toronto to help keep us safe. 

If working on campus, you must complete the Working on Campus Confirmation Form prior to your arrival each day in order for the department to keep a record of people coming to campus.

The University also requires you to complete a COVID-19 health screening by either filling out the online form or by completing an offline self-assessment log found in the Working on Campus Confirmation Form and the uTogether 2020 webpage.

uCheck will inform you whether the conditions have been met for visiting campus – if your status is green, you can visit the campus; however, if your status is red, you must:

1. Stay home and self-isolate
2. Contact your direct supervisor to let them know that you are not coming to campus
3. Contact the UofT EHS Nurse at or (416) 978-4476

The EHS Nurse will provide you with further instruction based on your specific situation. The supervisor will inform and consult with the Department Chair and/or the Department Manager to determine when you will be scheduled to return to work on campus. If you are not able to connect with your supervisor in due course to report your red status, you must inform the Department Chair ( and/or the Department Manager (

When on campus, it is imperative that you wear a face mask, practice social distancing, and have proper hand hygeine. 

If you have any questions or concerns about this procedure, please contact the Psychology Department Manager, Lisa Cauchi, via e-mail at or by phone at (905) 828-3967.

Be safe!

Dr. Ashley Monks
Chair, UTM Psychology