Substitute Assignments

In order to have use of the PSY100 subject pool, supervisors must provide a substitute assignment.  If you do not provide a substitute assignment you will be denied access to the Experiment Database PSY100 subject pool. 

Supervisors are to provide a substitute assignment by emailing the document to Jodie Stewart (  Reading requirements will have to be reserved in the library or provided by link to the required document.  Make the assignment such that it would take a student about an hour to complete.

Substitute Assignment Details

  • Lab Name
  • Assignment instructions
  • 3-5 questions to be answered

Click here for a sample of a Substitute Assignment

The reading should be 6-8 publication pages long (about 24 double-spaced manuscript pages); the answers to your questions are to fill about 2 double-spaced pages.  If the assignment does not merit, let the student know that s/he can try again, try another or participate in a study, until they reach their credit quota. Students may do up to four credits-worth of research participation or the substitute assignments, or combination of the two. Each credit is equivalent to about one hour participation (or substitute work), and is worth 1% of the final grade.

Submission Instructions
Students are to email complete assignments to Undergraduate Assistant  These will be forwarded to Faculty members for review. 

Substitute Assignment Link for students