People - Faculty

Iva Zovkic, Assistant Professor
Office: CC 4071
Phone: 905-828-3961
Doug VanderLaan, Assistant Professor
Office: DH 4016
Phone: 905-569-5782
Dax Urbszat, Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
Office: DH 4008
Phone: 905-569-4964
Sandra Trehub, Professor Emeritus
Office: CC 4059
Phone: 905-828-5415
Jennifer Stellar, Assistant Professor
Office: DH 4022
Phone: 905-569-5783
Mary Lou Smith, Professor
Office: DH 4092
Phone: 905-828-3960
Bruce Schneider, Director and Professor
Office: CC 4073
Phone: 905-828-3963
Ulrich Schimmack, Professor
Office: DH 4014
Phone: 905-828-5369
Glenn Schellenberg, Professor
Office: CC 4057
Phone: 905-828-5367
Samuel Ronfard, Assistant Professor
Office: DH4023
Eyal Reingold, Professor
Office: CC 4067
Phone: 905-569-4875
Janet Polivy, Professor Emeritus
Office: DV 4023A
Phone: 905-828-3959
Patricia Pliner, Professor Emeritus
Office: CC 4051
Phone: 905-569-4628
Office: CC 4063
Phone: 905-828-3865
Giampaolo Moraglia, Associate Professor Emeritus
Ashley Monks, Chair and Associate Professor
Office: DH 4092
Phone: 905-569-4957
Loren Martin, Assistant Professor
Office: CC 4061
Phone: 905-569-5784
Tina Malti, Professor
Office: DH 4030
Phone: 905-569-4622
Anna Lomanowska, Assistant Professor (CLTA)
Office: DH 4012
Phone: 905-569-4345
Gary Kraemer, Professor
Office: DV 4023D
Phone: 905-569-4254
Stuart Kamenetsky, Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, Undergraduate Director, and Faculty Advisor
Office: DH 4006
Phone: 905-828-3958
Elizabeth Johnson, Associate Professor
Office: CC 4053
Phone: 905-569-4785
Emily Impett, Associate Professor
Office: DH 4018
Phone: 905-560-4632
Melissa Holmes, Associate Professor
Office: CC 4008
Phone: 905-828-3956
Jeff Graham, Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
Office: DH 2046
Phone: 905-569-4303
Robert Gerlai, Professor
Office: CC 4004
Phone: 905-569-4255
Keisuke Fukuda, Assistant Professor
Office: CCT 4067
Phone: 905-569-4875
Alison Fleming , Professor and Canada Research Chair in Behavioural Nerobiology and Genetics
Office: CC 4071
Phone: 905-828-3961
Norman Farb, Assistant Professor
Office: DH 4026
Phone: 905-828-3959
Meredyth Daneman, Professor
Office: CC 4065
Phone: 905-828-3965
Craig Chambers, Associate Professor and Associate Chair
Office: CC 4010
Phone: 905-569-4279
Erika Carlson, Assistant Professor
Office: DH 4024
Brett Beston, Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
Office: DH 4010
Phone: 905-569-5697
Judith Andersen, Associate Professor
Office: DH 4032