Lomanowska, Anna

Assistant Professor (CLTA)Psychology

Contact Information

DH 4012
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3359 Mississauga Road N.
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L5L 1C6
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Area of Research
biological psychology, social neuroscience, social touch, interpersonal contact in virtual settings, online social behaviour

I am broadly interested in how social experiences throughout life affect behaviour and well-being. I received my PhD in Psychology specializing in Behavioural Neuroscience from the University of Toronto. My doctoral work focused on understanding the mechanisms by which social experience in early life shapes motivational aspects of behaviour. Using a rat model, my colleagues and I discovered that early social experience affects the way that individuals attend to rewarding stimuli. This has implications for understanding how early social adversity may predispose individuals to develop addictive disorders.

During my postdoctoral training at Laval University (Quebec City), I became interested in social experiences in online virtual contexts. My current research pursuits focus on examining how individuals use virtual spaces and other digital social applications to connect and to simulate physical closeness. I am particularly interested in how these virtual social interactions influence well-being. For more details about ongoing research projects, I invite you to visit the Digital Well-Being Lab website. 


B.Sc. (Biology and Psychology, McMaster University)
M.Sc. (Health Studies, University of Waterloo)
Ph.D. (Psychology, Program in Neuroscience, University of Toronto)
Post-Doc (Faculty of Medicine, Laval University)