Brown Bag Series 2022-23

In-House Research Presentations 

Come out and participate in the department’s Brown Bag meetings. 
Dates/Location/Presenters listed below - 10am to 12pm

Speakers typically present work in progress or give practice talks for conferences. All faculty and department trainees (including post-docs, graduate students and undergraduates working in our labs) are encouraged to attend.

November 24, 2022 - DV 3130 & Zoom

Natalie Sisson
Thank You for Changing: Gratitude Promotes Successful Partner Regulation and Relationship Satisfaction Through Autonomous Motivation

Joseph Saito
Attentional Prioritization in Working Memory Changes Interactions with Task-Relevant Perception

Tim McLean
Interactions between the histone variant macroH2A1.1 and PARP1 regulate neuronal transcription and memory

October 27, 2022 - DV 3130 & Zoom

Sandra Poulson
A Neurotransmitter Drives the Nocebo Effect in a Mouse Model of Socially Enhanced Pain

Elizabeth Long
Self as Both Judge and Target: How Does Personality Consistency Impact People’s Knowledge of What They are Like in General?

September 29, 2022 - DV 3130 & Zoom

Keisuke Fukuda
Why Does my Memory Suck?

Melissa Holmes
Making Sense of Mole-rats: Why we Study Unusual Animals to Learn about the Social Brain

Benjamin Wolfe
Applied Perception Research, or the Art of Avoiding a Moose to the Face

Robert Gerlai
Why 75 Thousand Scientists Study Zebrafish Around the World, and How Do We at UTM Contribute to This Work? Robert Gerlai on the Role of Zebrafish in Behavioural Neuroscience Research and Teaching.