Brown Bag Series 2018-19

In-House Research Presentations 

Come out and participate in the department’s Brown Bag meetings. 
Dates/Location/Presenters listed below - 12pm to 2pm

Speakers typically present work in progress or give practice talks for conferences. All faculty and department trainees (including post-docs, graduate students and undergraduates working in our labs) are encouraged to attend.

Refreshments Served.

January 21, 2019 - Council Chambers (DV 3130)

Norhan Elsaadawy 
Title: Self-Knowledge and Interpersonal Perception

Nathan Leonhardt
Title: An Organizational Framework for Sexual Media's Influence on Sexual Quality

November 26, 2018 - Council Chambers (DV 3130)

Thomas Anderson
Title: Microdosing Psychedelics: Setting a Foundation

Laura MacMullin
Title: Self-Harm and Suicidality In Gender-Nonconforming Children: A Canadian Community-Based Study

Diana Peragine
Title: Sex Difference or Learned Difference in Sexual "Drive"? Towards an Incentive Motivation Model of Sexual Desire Development