The PAL lab plays!

Just trying to live up to the "action" part of our name every now and then...

people jumping






Breaking news: Lab RAs discover anti-gravity!

image of student with robot













Socializing at INTERSPEECH 2017 in Stockholm



image of people axe throwing










Battle of the Labs!  Postdocs from the PAL lab and CLASS lab square off in the final round of the axe throwing competition.




people preparing to go zip lining







Pre-ziplining. Lab members and their fashion accessories



person on zip lining platform










Is that what they mean by platform shoes?








Walking in the woods








Autumn picnic. Remember Bransford et al. (1972)?  Four psycholinguists rested on a log...













Carving a name for ourselves with a winning entry to the jack-o-lantern contest.

Image of Hallowe'en costumes












Hallowe'en in the two-word stage:  social butterfly, world record, serial killer

Making holiday cookies










Our newly minted PhD shows off her experimental design skills.

people playing bocce










De-bocce-ry: The PAL and CLASS labs face off in heated competition in the courtyard.



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