PAL Lab - Resources

image of touchscreen

The PAL lab is equipped with various hardware and software resources relevant for studying communication in naturalistic and computer-mediated visual environments.  These resources include:

- An Eyelink II system (headband-based optics) for studies involving either 2D displays or real-world 3D environments

- An Eyelink 1000 system (remote optics), for studies involving traditional or large-scale 2D displays

- A Tobii Pro Glasses 2 system (glasses-based optics, wireless connectivity), for studies requiring unrestricted movement in 3D environments

- A 42" display screen equipped with a touch sensitive SmartBoard overlay, used for studies where participants view or physically interact with large-format virtual objects, or studies where participants create visual objects in a freehand manner

- Several multi-tiered physical workspaces with different configurations, used for studies where participants interact with real objects

- Overhead booms and struts for cameras and microphones to capture aspects of natural interactive conversation

- Hardware for the recording and engineering of audio and video stimuli

- Various PC and Macintosh computers used to prepare, collect and analyze data

The Human Communication research centre also provides access to a range of shared resources including single- and double-walled sound booths of various configurations, professional hardware and software for the engineering or recording of video and audio (green screens, Tucker-Davis systems, etc.), equipment for vision testing and audiological testing, and EEG equipment for the measurement of event-related potentials (ERPs). 

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