Clinical Trial Recruitment

If you want to participate in our trial, click this link and fill out the survey: 

You do not need to contact us directly.


Interested in participating, but not eligible?

If you are not eligible for our clinical trial, you may find a suitable trial here: 

If you are not eligible for any clinical trial, while we cannot assist you, if you believe you have a medically recognizable need for psychedelics, speak with your physician about Health Canada's Special Access Program (SAP):

Media, podcast, or speaking event inquiries?

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Interested in volunteering or studying?

Sorry, but we are not recruiting volunteers, research assistants, graduate students, or post-doctoral researchers. 

While we cannot help you get involved in research, check out the MAPS resources page for more options: 

Still have questions?

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While we appreciate the myriad people suffering and looking to psychedelics as a potential solution, beyond the resources above, we are unable to provide further guidance on obtaining or using psychedelics. We will not respond to such inquiries.

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