Professor Graham White

 Professor Graham White

Degrees:  Ph.D., McMaster University, M.A., McMaster, B.A., York University


Phone:     (905) 569-4377

Office:      DV 3291

Graham White was born in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, but left Cape Breton while very young. (He still owns land in Cape Breton — enough to fulfill the property qualification for becoming a Senator, if anyone is looking ....) He grew up in Toronto where he attended St Michael's College School and was one of the first students at the Keele Campus of York University. After earning a combined honours degree in Economics and Political Science at York he went to McMaster University for graduate work in Political Science. In 1979 he completed a PhD at McMaster; his thesis was on long-term voting patterns in Ontario.

In 1976, he became one of the first persons accepted into the Ontario Legislative Internship Programme, run jointly by the Legislature and the Canadian Political Science Association. In 1978, he returned to Queen's Park to work in the Clerk's Office. Over the next six years, he provided procedural advice and administrative support to a number of legislative committees including the Public Accounts Committee, the Procedural Affairs Committee, the Select Committee on the Ombudsman and the Select Committee on Pensions. He also spent some time serving at 'the table' in the legislative chamber.

In 1984, he accepted a position in the Political Science Department at the University of Toronto's Erindale College (now the University of Toronto Mississauga). He holds the rank of Full Professor. His teaching at UTM and on the St George campus has primarily been in the area of Canadian politics, with special emphasis on provincial and territorial politics, on Aboriginal politics, and on institutions of governance such as cabinets, legislatures and bureaucracies. Since the late 1980s he has been visiting the Northwest Territories, Nunavut and the Yukon regularly and writing about politics there.

In addition to numerous articles in academic journals, he has written or edited 12 books, including The Ontario Legislature: A Political Analysis; Inside the Pink Palace; The Government and Politics of Ontario; Northern Governments in Transition and several editions of Politics: Canada. His book with David Cameron, Cycling into Saigon: The Conservative Transition in Ontario, was shortlisted for the Donner Foundation's award for the best book in Canadian public policy in 2001. His most recent published book is Cabinets and First Ministers; he has recently completed the manuscript for a book about the creation of Nunavut (co-authored with Jack Hicks).

He is currently at work on two books: one on the regulatory and wildlife management boards established under the settled comprehensive land claims settlements in the territorial North and one on provincial and territorial cabinet decision-making processes since the 1970s.

Professor White is a former President of the Canadian Political Science Association and currently serves as Co-editor of the Canadian Journal of Political Science.