Political Science Faculty


Naomi Adiv, Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream 

  • Office: MN5148
  • Email: naomi.adiv@utoronto.ca
  • Current Courses:
  • Specialization: Public space, archival research, spaces of health and well-being, and urban geography 
Image of Professor Anderson

 Noel Anderson, Assistant Professor 

  • Office: MN 5144
  • Email: noel.anderson@utoronto.ca
  • Current Courses:
  • Specialization: Civil war, third-party intervention, and international security 
Image of Professor Balaguera

Martha Balaguera, Assistant Professor 

  • Office: MN 5166
  • Email: m.balaguera@utoronto.ca 
  • Current Courses: POL390H5F
  • Specialization: Migrations, feminist theory, critical carceral studies, and protest and social movements 
Image of Professor Beiner

Ronald Beiner, Professor 

  • Office:  
  • Email: ronald.beiner@utoronto.ca
  • Current Courses:
  • Specialization: History of Political Thought and Contemporary Political Philosophy


Image of Professor Bernstein

Steven Bernstein, Distinguished Professor of Global Environmental and Sustainability Governance 

  • Office: MN 5162
  • Email: steven.bernstein@utoronto.ca‚Äč 
  • Current Courses:
  • Specialization; International Relations, Global Governance and Institutions, Global Environmental and Sustainability Politics, and International Political Economy
Image of Professor Besco

Randy Besco, Assistant Professor 

  • Office: MN 5160
  • Email: randy.besco@utoronto.ca
  • Current Courses:
  • Specialization: Elections and public opinion, political psychology, immigration, race and ethnicity
Image of Professor Braun

Aurel Braun, Professor 

  • Office: MN 5146
  • Email: abraun@chass.utoronto.ca
  • Current Courses:
  • Specialization: International law, Comparative politics (Russia and Eastern Europe), International Relations
Image of Professor Clark

Janine Clark, Professor

  • Office: MN5168
  • Email: janine.clark@utoronto.ca 
  • Current Courses:
  • Specialization: Comparative Politics, Middle East and North Africa, Islamism, Decentralization, Gender 
Image of Professor Day

Richard Day,  Professor 

  • Office:
  • Email: richardb.day@utoronto.ca
  • Current Courses:
  • Specialization: Political Economy, Political Philosophy, Early Soviet History, and Industrialization
Image of Professor Kotsovilis

Spyridon Kotsovilis , LTA 

  • Office: MN 5170
  • Email: spyridon.kotsovilis@utoronto.ca
  • Current Courses:
  • Specialization: International Relations: Conflict and War; International Law, Comparative Politics: Democratization; cyber politics
Image of Professor Mukherjee

Shivaji Mukherjee, Assistant Professor  

  • Office: MN 5164
  • Email: shivaji.mukherjee@utoronto.ca
  • Current Courses:
  • Specialization: Comparative politics, South Asian politics, and insurgency and civil war
Image of Professor Nacol

Emily Nacol , Assistant Professor 

  • Office: MN 5154
  • Email: emily.nacol@utoronto.ca
  • Current Courses:
  • Specialization: Early modern political thought; history of political economy; risk and politics
Image of Professor Olive

Andrea Olive, Associate Professor and Chair

  • Office: MN 5176
  • Email: andrea.olive@utoronto.ca
  • Current Courses:
  • Specialization: Environmental policy, environmental justice, and conservation policy
Image of Professor Reisenbichler

Alex Reisenbichler, Assistant Professor

Image of Professor Schatz

Ed Schatz, Associate Professor  

  • Office: MN 5150
  • Email: ed.schatz@utoronto.ca
  • Current Courses:
  • Specialization: Post-Soviet Eurasia, society and the state, and comparative politics
Image of Professor Shoikhedbroad

Igor Shoikhedbrod, LTA

Image of Professor Smith

Alison Smith, Assistant Professor  

  • Office: MN 5142
  • Email: alisonmary.smith@utoronto.ca
  • Current Courses:
  • Specialization: Canadian politics, welfare state, homelessness policy, and multilevel governance
Image of Professor Thorn

Adam Thorn, LTA   

  • Office:
  • Email: adam.thorn@utoronto.ca
  • Current Courses:
  • Specialization: Environmental policy, water governance, and urban sustainability
Image of Professor Tolley

Erin Tolley, Associate Professor

  • Office: MN 5158
  • Email: erin.tolley@utoronto.ca
  • Current Courses:
  • Specialization: Canadian politics; representation; diversity; race; and gender
Image of Professor Wolfe

David Wolfe, Professor

  • Office: MN 5152
  • Email: david.wolfe@utoronto.ca
  • Current Courses:
  • Specialization: Digital economy, innovation policy, industrial clusters, and automated vehicles