POL Podcast RA/Host Job Description


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Research Assistant Position Description
The UTM Department of Political Science is seeking two undergraduate research assistants to host a new podcast for the department. With the guidance and support of a graduate student mentor and department staff/faculty, the hosts will be responsible for developing topics for the podcast, researching issues and guests, preparing interview questions, interviewing guests, introducing and concluding the podcast, and discussing issues on air with their co-host. Applications are due Monday, July 4th, 2022.

Application Instructions
Interested students should apply through the Microsoft form available here by Tuesday, June 28th, 2022: https://forms.office.com/r/C76buNYPaS.

The contract for this position will begin July 8th, 2022, and last until the end of December 2022. Students will work on the podcast for approximately 6-8 hours per week.


  • The podcast will be about issues relevant to students in the department and people interested in politics more broadly.
  • No previous podcasting experience is necessary, but applicants should be comfortable with and excited about growing their researching, writing, interviewing, and podcasting/hosting skills.
  • Students will have the opportunity to learn more about producing podcasts but do not need to have existing technical skills/knowledge.
  • Applicants should be creative, enthusiastic, flexible, and unafraid to fail, grow, and experiment as part of the team developing this new project for the department. The hosts will play a pivotal role in shaping this podcast and deciding what direction to take it in.
  • Students will learn podcasting skills, become familiar with innovative ways of communicating about politics and academic research, improve as writers and researchers, connect with faculty, alumni, and researchers, and be able to include hosting a publicly released, high-quality podcast on their resume.

If you are having issues accessing the form, double-check that you are logged into your university email and logged out of any other email accounts. Please use your university email account to complete the form as this is the email address we will use to contact you.


  • You will be asked to upload one file that includes a cover letter (500 words or less) and your CV/Resume. This is required.
  • You will also be asked to include a 3-5-minute-long audio recording explaining why you want to host the podcast and an example or two of an issue/topic/story/guest you would be excited about pursuing. The audio recording is optional but encouraged. Your application will not be penalized if you are unable to include a recording.
  • The audio recording can be completed using your phone’s voice memo application or other simple recording tools. You may submit an MP3, MP4, Google Drive link, or YouTube link. 


Contact: Sujaya Devi - assistant.pol.utm@utoronto.ca or Lily Nellans - lily.nellans@mail.utoronto.ca