Raqshanda Khan

Raqshanda Khan

M.A. Global Affairs Candidate, University of Toronto Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy B.A. Honours in Political Science 2019

Current Position

Currently, I am pursuing a Master in Global Affairs degree at the Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy, with a Collaborative Specialisation in Environmental Studies. 


Favourite Memories at UTM

As an undergraduate student, my goal each year was to have a well-rounded experience, whether through academics, extra-curricular or professional development. Every year, I decided to do 4 credits with a summer school course to manage my engagements. Some of my most favourite courses included Ideas and Ideologies with Professor Lippincott, International Relations with Professor Kotsovilis and Political Theory with Professor Carvounas.

In terms of extra-curricular, I started the UTM Running Club and was President for 2 years. Before that, I volunteered with the Hindu Student Council in my first year. In my final year, I acted as Vice-President of Current Affairs for the Political Science and Pre-Law Association.

I also took up part-time positions and worked as a Career Assistant with the UTM Career Centre, Events Assistant with the International Education Centre, and UofT Welcome Ambassador at Pearson Airport.

Through all of these experiences, the fondest memories I have are meeting new people, making new friends, going for walks around campus and having deep intellectual conversations. I learned something valuable from every person I met, and it's these social connections and memories that I cherish to this day.


Message from Raqshanda

I realized to stay on top of everything and perform well at school; I had to ensure a good balance, which meant looking after my mental, physical and social health. I encourage undergrads to make a list of all the activities that support their well-being and include them in their daily routine, besides focusing on just academics. I found journaling and trying out a different exercise activity each week to be quite therapeutic and as well as practicing meditation for 10 mins every morning. Over the years, I also discovered that it is important to focus on quality over quantity and engaging in activities that will truly add value to your life in a holistic manner - not just because it will look good on your resume.


Major in Political Science, Minor in French, Minor in Geography
M.A. Candidate in Global Affairs and Collaborative Specialisation in Environmental Studies, University of Toronto