Ghazall Safi

Ghazall Safi

Registry Officer at Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada B.A. Honours in Political Science 2019

Current Position 

I work for the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada in Toronto. I am a Registry Officer, so I help assess and look at claimant applications for those seeking Refugee status from around the world.


Favourite Memories at UTM 

A memorable experience during my time at UTM was attending guest lectures of people who were working in my field of study. I remember listening to a variety of people, some of whom worked in Corrections, municipal government and within government relations. By listening to them, it helped me decide the type of career I wanted by getting first-hand knowledge from people in the field.


Message from Ghazall 

Be consistent in attaining the type of career you want and start looking for opportunities early while still in school. It'll pay off!


Federal Government
Major in Political Science, Minor in French, Minor in Sociology (concentration in Criminology)