Alex Reisenbichler

Assistant Professor Alex Reisenbichler

For Assistant Professor Alexander Reisenbichler, the cascading effects of the global financial crisis of 2008, and rising wealth inequality in relation to housing markets, helped shape his research that explores the political economy of housing markets in rich democracies. He is currently working on a book manuscript that compares the development of housing markets and policies in the United States and Germany from a historical perspective.  

Professor Reisenbichler wears many hats around UofT, so alongside teaching courses such as POL302: Politics of Western Europe and POL112: Democracy in Theory and Practice, he is also a research coordinator of the Joint Initiative of German and European Studies (JIGES) at the Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy! 

Other publications that are of notable importance for Professor Reisenbichler include his co-authored article titled “Riding the Tiger: Managing Risk in U.S. Housing Finance and Health Insurance Welfare Markets” published in 2021 in the Socio-Economic Review, and his article “The Politics of Quantitative Easing and Housing Stimulus by the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank, 2008-2018” published in 2020 in the Western European Politics.  

But when Professor Reisenbichler is not busy studying housing markets and the economy, you can find him competitively watching the German Bundesliga, or partaking in some activities he picked up during the pandemic like biking or tennis!