Andriana Jewel Ozymtchak

Andriana Jewel Ozymtchak

Prospective Law Student B.A. Honours (High Distinction) in Political Science & French Literature 2020

Current Position

I am currently a Prospective Law Student. This year I have been applying to law schools in Ontario and Quebec for the 2021 school year. I have been preparing my personal statements for each school, my letters of reference from UTM professors, updating my CV, and studying for the LSAT which I took both in November 2020 and January 2021.


Favourite Memories at UTM

I was an associate for the Political Science and Pre-Law Association in my first and second years at UTM. In my third year, I became an executive member of this student society where I served as the VP of Academics and worked closely with Political Science professors on campus. I also created a new club on campus with my fellow students called the UTM Cinema Studies Association, where I served as the VP during my second, third, and fourth year at UTM. In my final year of undergrad, I became the VP of the UTM Mooting & Law Association, as well as the President of the UTM Ukrainian Students' Club. I graduated from UTM with high distinction which was a huge accomplishment for me, and this recognition is something that I am very proud of.


Message from Andriana 

If I had any advice for students looking to become more involved on campus, I would recommend reaching out to the different clubs/societies that you are interested in. Whether that be through social media or attending their events. UTM has such a strong tight-knit community, it is very easy to reach out to your fellow students to get involved. They would be thrilled to have you join their team.


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