Major Program ERMAJ2015

7.0 POL credits are required including at least 2.0 credits at the 300 level.

Limited Enrolment --Students enrolling at the end of first year (4.0 credits) must obtain a CGPA of at least 2.00 and a mark of at least 65% in 1.0 POL credit. Students applying to enrol after second year (8.0 credits) must obtain a CGPA of at least 2.30 and a mark of at least 70% in each of 2.0 POL credits.


1.     POL200Y, POL 214Y

2.     1.0 credit from each of two of the following three fields:

A)     Comparative Politics - POL203Y5, 204Y5, 218Y5, 354Y5, 360H5, 361H5, 362H5, 363H5, 300Y5, 302Y5,303Y5,  309Y5, 332Y5, 440Y5 443H5, 438H5

B)     International Relations - POL208Y5, 310Y5, 327Y5, 340Y5, 343Y5, 486Y5, 487H

C)    Public Policy and Public Administration - POL250Y5, 316Y5, 317Y5, 336Y5, 346Y5,  353Y5, 368Y5, 369Y5, ENV250Y5, 3551Y5, 359Y5, 421H5, JPE250Y, JEP356HS, 351H5, 425H5

3.     3.0 additional POL courses


Full listing of Political Science courses