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Political Science Awards
2020-21 Award Recipients [PDF]
2019-20 Award Recipients [PDF]

2020-21 Award Recipients 

Lee Ann Fujii Comparative Politics Award & the James Barros Memorial Award in Political Science

  • Giuliana Bertoia-AgredoGiuliana Vertoia-Agredo

I am extremely honoured and grateful to receive these two student awards and share them with family, friends and my entire faculty. None of this would be possible without my incredible professors and teaching assistants. I would also like to thank the generous donors that made the James Barros Memorial Award and the Lee Ann Fujii Comparative Politics Award possible through their sustained commitment to the embetterment of the Political Science Department.


Ana Maria Berjarano Latin American Politics Award

  • Ingrid OrtizIngrid Ortiz

As a Latinx student, I am honoured to have received this award on my essay on American foreign policy towards El Salvador during the Carter and Reagan administrations. I am grateful for the support from my professors who encouraged me to pursue academic research and writing on Latin America. Additionally, as a non-English native speaker, I am humbled to be recognized in this way by the University and feel encouraged to seek out other opportunities to contribute to the body of research on Latin America. 


UTM Comparative Political Science Prize Marko Spajic

  • Marko Spajic

Thank you to everyone in the UTM community that contributed to the positive experiences I had both in and out of academics. Receiving this prize is an honour which validates the great effort I put in here and pushes me to continue doing so in my career.

Faisal Mirza Political Science Essay Award 

  • ​​​​Mehvash Saiyed Mehvash Saiyed 

I would like to thank the Department of Political Science at UTM for conferring upon me the ‘Faisal Mirza Political Science Essay Award’ 2020-21. This award is a testament to the academic rigour and high standards at UTM that have inspired me to achieve far beyond what I thought possible. Crucially, it is also an acknowledgement of the remarkable Political Science community on campus that encourages students to challenge norms and think differently. I look forward to my continued growth in this vibrant community of peers and professors!


Peter Silcox Award for Excellence in Canadian Politics Isra Wasim

  • Isra Wasim

As Canadian Politics has always been a passion of mine, I am very honoured to accept the Peter Silcox Award for Excellence in Canadian Politics. I look forward to continuing my Political Science Major at UTM.

Student Leadership Award 

  • Debra OlaniyiDebra Olaniyi

I am extremely grateful and honoured to have been awarded by the University of Toronto - Department of Political Science Student Leadership Award for the academic year of 2020- 2021. This award recognizes and highlights the work, leadership and service both within the UTM community and externally. I’m so happy to have been able to create an impact this year in my work, especially for the black community.  #leadership #community #grateful


Most Promising Theory Student

  • Thomas Gray

Thomas Gray 


Politics of Islam Prize 

  • Mohammed Mohammed

Mohammed Mohammed


Highest CCPGA for a POL Major or Specialist (non-graduating)

  • Michael Drobenko

Michael Drobenko


Highest CGPA for a Graduating POL Major or Specialist

  • Matthew Spence

Matthew Spence