Canadian Political Philosophy

Canadian Political Philosophy: Contemporary Reflections - Ronald Beiner

Canadian theorists and philosophers are recognized internationally for their contributions to normative debates about citizenship, multiculturalism and nationalism. The fact that some of these thinkers are better known abroad than they are at home, provided the impetus for Ronald Beiner and Wayne Norman to bring together new essays in a unique, single volume. The essays collected in Canadian Political Philosophy reflect a broad range of contemporary political and philosophical issues: liberalism and citizenship; equality, justice and gender; minority rights, multiculturalism and identity; nationalism and self-determination; and finally, topics in the history of political philosophy. This edition documents the impact that Canadian theorists are having in political philosophy debates and provides an outline of the themes around which Canadian theory is focused. Many of these themes arise out of a particular Canadian consciousness — for instance, constitutional crises have cultivated an interest in the nature of political membership — but are also emerging as themes in societies around the world. Canadian Political Philosophy demonstrates how contemporary Canadian theory is both a reflection of Canadian experience and an important voice contribution to the world-wide debates in political philosophy.

  • Publisher: Oxford University Press (Oct 24, 2000)
  • ISBN-10: 0195414489
  • ISBN-13: 9780195414486