2021-22 Student Awards

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Political Science Awards

2021-2022 Award Recipients

Faisal Mirza Political Science Essay Award

  • Brennen Marco

I would like to take this opportunity to not only thank the generous donor of this award but also my wife, family, friends, colleagues, and school faculty who have encouraged and aided me throughout my studies. My achievements would not be possible without their support.


Brennan award

Most Promising Theory Student

  • Mariam Ismail

I am honoured to have received the Most Promising Theory Student award from the Department of Political Science at UTM. This award is very meaningful to me because it affirms my passion and dedication towards politics. I would like to thank my professor and teaching assistant whose commitment allowed me to prosper in political theory. I am grateful for the positive experience I have had in my political science studies, and I look forward to continuing to work hard in my academics.


Mariam award

Student Leadership Award

  • Farah Rana

A life lived in servitude & giving is a life worth living. No one has become poor by giving which is why leadership was not just about knowing the way, rather, true leadership meant guiding others to success & ensuring no one around me fell behind. I am extremely grateful for this award & I owe it all to professors, students and faculty who saw the good in me.


Farah award

Major Research Paper

  • Aneesh Chatterjee

I really enjoyed working on this paper, and the course overall. The freedom to pursue a topic of my choice enabled a degree of creative potential I found quite useful. Thank you very much for this award.


Aneesh award