Wait-list Information

How Do The Waitlists Work?

Once the maximum number of permits that can be reasonably accommodated in each area have been sold, waitlists are started for all other interested parties.

As permits are cancelled, and Parking & Transportation Services monitors lot utilization to determine if more permits can be sold, additional permits will be released to those on waitlists in the order that they joined.

How do I join a waitlist?

Add yourself to one or more waitlists by logging into the online purchasing system.  Click on “Order Permits” and each available permit type will be listed.

How long will I be on the waitlist?

In short, we don’t know.  Availability is based on cancellations and lot utilization patterns that are ever-changing.  

How will I know if I am offered a permit?

You will receive an email with details and instructions.  We typically extend offers for a 1 week period before moving on to the next people on the list.  Make sure that your email address is up to date in the Parking Purchasing Sytem, and keep an eye out for a Waitlist Notification.

When is my next opportunity to purchase a parking permit?

Information regarding current availability will be available on our home page.